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2 May, 2013



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Taxi Dash is a causal driving game, where players learn to find their way around new cities. To deliver their passengers safely, players brave streets filled with crazy cars, road construction, spikes and blocks of ice.


All of our games are created as part of our research on human learning and memory. Since 2011, we've been working to create research games which are also fun, and Taxi Dash is our newest research/gaming fusion. The game focuses on spatial memory: testing how we find our way around new environments, and looking for new methods to help people improve their memory. While we have no expectations that Taxi Dash will turn out to be a memory improvement tool, we hope that the data that the game provides will help us design new and better games for improving memory.


  • On-rails driving, optimized for mobile.
  • Trade in your coins for new cars, and amazing upgrades.
  • Run of the Day: Compete daily for prizes against other drivers. [coming soon!]


There are currently no trailers available for Taxi Dash. Check back later for more or contact us for specific requests!


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      Neil Schmitzer-Torbert

      Veronique Bohbot

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