Icon_512 Calling all cab drivers! We need a few good cabbies to help drop off our passengers. Watch out for other cars, spikes, bricks of ice and other crazy obstacles, and you just might be the new top taxi driver in town!

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Taxi Dash is a casual video game currently in development, which will be released on mobile devices (Android and iOS) and the web in 2013. The first version of the game is available on the Barnes and Noble Nook and the Amazon Appstore, and you can play it here on behaviorgames.

We are creating the game as part of our research on spatial navigation: studying how people learn to find their way around new environments. In this game, our hope is to begin to examine how spatial learning can be improved through the use of casual video games (such as Taxi Dash). As part of our project, and for general improvements to the game), we collect anonymous game play statistics in Taxi Dash. For more information on our research project and our privacy policy, see our project information page.


Taxi Dash was created by Neil Schmitzer-Torbert and Veronique Bohbot.  All game assets were created by the developers, or are used here in accordance with the asset’s terms of use.  Taxi Dash was created using the free version of Unity 3D (with the Basic Android and iOS licenses).

The game also uses several third-party assets or add-ons to Unity:


We are very grateful to everyone who has helped out with the development of Taxi Dash, and especially to our game testers at Wabash College, on the Unity user forums, and on Feedback Friday over at Reddit.