Please use this page to let us know if you have any questions about how to play the game, suggestions for new features, or if you have had any problems with Escape from Zargnon (EfZ) (i.e. bug reports).  Please let us know where you were playing EfZ (Nook Color or Tablet), and what version you were using (if you know).   We will list known bugs for the current version of EfZ, and planned features here.

Known issues: Slow loading times – We saw a spike in downloads starting on January 11th (Wednesday), which was great.  But, some users have indicated that levels are loading very slowly.  It turns out that this is an issue with versions 1.2 & 1.3, where the game is having trouble communicating with our web server (which was down on Wednesday along with a number of sites hosted by inmotionhosting).  We are working on a fix, but if you find that it is taking 30 seconds to a minute to save data and load the next level, you can fix the problem by turning off WiFi!  This is only a temporary fix, but it should help until version 1.4 is released!

Issues we’ve seen in user comments on

  • I can’t get past the second level.  The teleporter takes me back to the stage I just left.

We saw a comment on the BN site from someone who had a problem with the second level.  They said that the teleporter was taking them back to the first level, which they had come from (which we presume is the home base level, where you lose your ship).

We’ll post some screen shots soon, but in that level (the very first level where you fight aliens), you have to move in a U shape: head to the right (and fight all of the tiger snakes (i.e. the green worms things)).  Once you can’t go right anymore, head down the hill and then back to the left.  You’ll find some more snakes, and the second teleporter.  Once you have killed all of the snakes, you’ll level up your character, and the second teleporter will be activated.  When you jump into that, you’ll head to level 1, stage 2.

  • What do I do with the guy on the ground?

We think this refers to the dead body (Quinn) that is left behind if you are killed.  Right now, the answer is nothing.  In the game, if you are killed, your computer will use the last teleporter to make a backup copy of you.  You’ll have the same health and energy that you had when you last left the teleporter, as well as a copy of all of your equipment.  Technically, we could imagine that you could grab something from your body, but for now it is just left behind.

  • How do I use the jetpack?

One you have learned the jetpack skill, you can use it anytime you are in the air.  After jumping, press and hold the jump button again.  You should see the jet activate, and you’ll fall more slowly.  If you train the skill, you’ll be able to have a slower descent (with a lower cost).  Notice that instead of using transmorgrifier energy, the jetpack draws power from your spacesuit (i.e. your health).