Version 1.4 is currently being pushed out to all of the Android Markets that we’ve published in.  It should be live on the Android Market, Mobango, AppsLib and SlideME.  We’re waiting for approval and publication on Barnes and Noble, and the Amazon Market.  The main changes in 1.4 are bug fixes: we corrected a problem that could cause the game to hang for a long time (45 seconds to a minute) while moving between stages, and corrected a rare bug that could cause the camera to chase off after the horizon when a level loads.

Older versions

Version 1.2 went live on the Nook Color and Tablet in December 2011  (Version 1.3 was rolled out in January of 2012, and included a few modifications for the Android Market and Amazon Appstore, but is basically the same as version 1.2).  In version 1.2, we made the following fixes and improvements:

  • Game closes immediately after splash screen on Nook Tablet – FIXED
  • Level 3-2 was set to “clear” before being played – FIXED
  • After Minionizing, enemy health bars would remain on screen. – FIXED
  • Minions sometimes seem confused, and get stuck running in place. – FIXED
  • When using a teleporter, the game appears to hang before showing the inter-level screen. -FIXED
  • If too many enemies were on screen, the game would begin to slow down quite a bit. -MUCH IMPROVED
  • Power-up flowers (or the power-ups themselves) were outside of level walls and not retrievable – MUCH IMPROVED
  • Minions now have a fixed lifespan of about 30 seconds.  The main reason for this is that as the number of minions increases, we were seeing a strong slow-down in the game.
  • Missiles have been changed to a fixed amount of damage per hit, and the overall damage level is increased.  In later levels, the upgraded missiles will be very useful in combination with minions.
  • In the Main Menu, if you click on Save Progress (used to backup your game to our servers if you have been playing with WiFi turned off), you can now see your progress, and cancel the upload by pressing the ‘n’ key.
  • Camera appears to jump to Quinn’s location at the start of the level – FIXED
  • Lava snakes seemed to be firing over Quinn’s head – FIXED
  • Also, a number of other minor bugs were detected and fixed.

Version 1.1 was released on Thursday, December 7th.

  • This version is available on the Nook Color
  • Version 1.1 is not compatible with the Nook Tablet

Version 1.0 was released December 1, 2011.