Escape from Zargnon

Quasar Quinn, fearless space explorer, has crash landed on Zargnon.  With only her wits, her spacesuit and her trusty computer, can she fix her ship in time to escape?   Oh, and of course, she also has… the most powerful weapons in the universe.

Screenshot from the Nook release of EfZ

Escape from Zargnon is a third person, 3D side-scrolling adventure game.  To repair your damaged space ship, you must work your way across a vast, hostile alien world.  Along the way, you’ll become a more powerful fighter, and learn new skills (including a jet pack, laser, missile, proximity grenades and the ability to convert enemies into minions!).  Escape from Zargnon includes 5 levels, and each level is made up of 5 stages.  On some platforms (such as the Android Market), we have been able to release a demo version of EfZ (which we call Chapter One).  Chapter One includes the first level (the first 5 stages) of EfZ, and is supported with banner ads.

EfZ is a casual game that has been developed as part of our research program to study how people learn new skills (like mastering a video game).  Click here if you are interested in background information about the project.  While we have used video games for research for several years, EfZ is our first attempt to make a game that is both useful (as a research study) and entertaining.  We hope you enjoy the game, and please let us know if you have problems or suggestions.

Escape from Zargnon was first released in December 2011, and you can find it at these sites:


You can play the latest version online on these websites:


NOOK App : Escape from Zargnon

Android Market App : Escape from Zargnon

Amazon Appstore : behaviorgames


EfZ was created by Neil Schmitzer-Torbert with help from Steven Apostolidis.  Level music is used by permission of Jaryd Fontana (and for more of Jaryd’s work, check out his Newgrounds page).

The game was developed using  the Unity game engine.  Some of the assets included in the current version of the game (or previous versions) come from Unity’s 3D Platform Game tutorial, and are used here according to their EULA. These assets include the skybox, teleporter pads and particle effects.

The other artwork (Quinn, aliens, and some props) was created by Neil Schmitzer-Torbert, who would like to thank Lorelei and Guinevere for helpful suggestions, and concept art for some of the aliens.