Grow exotic bacteria colonies and defend against infections in this puzzle game based on  John Conway’s Game of Life.  At Conway Labs, we create new species of bacteria to treat illness. But, we need your help to fill our orders and defend our bacteria colonies against infections. Choose where to add new cells and rearrange your cells to create amazing patterns, and to destroy deadly invaders.

Colonize is available for Android on Google Play, Amazon Kindle Fire and the Barnes and Noble Nook.  And, you can play Colonize  on the web at Kongregate and here at, and will be coming to Facebook and the Apple App Store later this fall.

Colonize has been reviewed on (formerly AndroidZoom), and the G.A.M.E.S. blog.

Colonize is a puzzle/strategy game based Conway’s Game of Life, which is a famous cellular automaton where “cells” grow and die over time according to simple rules: in each generation, a cell will die if it has less that 2 neighbors (e.g. isolation) or more than 3 neighbors (e.g. overcrowding).  A new cell will be born in an empty location that is bordered by exactly 3 neighbors (e.g. reproduction).  While simple, the rules of Life create dazzling, complex patterns that have been studied intensely (for examples, check out the excellent LifeWiki at

In Colonize, we start with the basic rules of Life (in the form of puzzles).  Then we move into several other game modes: To make the game more interesting, several play modes will be included, such as defense modes, where the player must clear out an opposing set of cells, a sandbox, the ability to share their creations, and a multiplayer mode.  Also, the game is cross-platform, and once you start a game you’ll be able to continue it on other computers/devices.

Colonize was created using the Unity 3D game engine, and uses prime31’s UIToolkit and ExitGame’s Photon Cloud add-ons.  The music in the game (Pinball Spring) comes from  Many of the patterns that are used in the game were drawn from the wonderful LifeWiki.  And, the defense/2-player version of Life used in the game was adapted from Mark Levene and George Roussos’ paper, A Two-Player Game of Life.


  • over 200 levels
  • Five play modes: puzzle, defense, sandbox, 2-player and contests
  • Five different cell types
  • Share your creations
  • Real-time multiplayer (web version only) – Play against your friends
  • Weekly contests
  • Global leaderboards
  • Play anywhere: sync your game to play on any computer!

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