Doodle Hangman

Recommendation: (3 out of 5) Straightforward hangman game for the Nook.
Pros: Runs well, and uses a wide range of words.
Cons: No scoring system or levels of difficulty.

Since Christmas, there have been a handful of new Nook games released (most notable among these was Temple Run: Brave, which has rapidly shot up to the top of the bestselling chart on the Nook).  I avoided the slot machine games, and what appeared to be twelve different koala-themed bubble popping games (which I did not realize was such a large genre) and picked up a copy of Doodle Hangman by Chris Martone (AppHappy Studios).

Doodle Hangman is a basic hangman game, and Martone indicates in the description that the game uses over 2,500 words in the game.  In each round of the game, you start with 8 guesses (and each incorrect guess is penalized by drawing in another piece of the doodle character.  Overall, I thought the game ran well on my Nook, and I found it to be rather challenging.  However, the app is listed in the Children’s Game category, and for ages 4+, which I would not recommend.  As a relatively literate adult, I struggled with some of the words (“whereat” for instance), and I doubt even the above average 4 year old would find such a game rewarding.  And, in the end, I think that is the biggest limitation of Doodle Hangman: it would greatly benefit from separating the words used into levels of difficulty.  For younger kids, words like cat, dog, fish, etc. could be very challenging.

Also, the game would be improved with some type of scoring system, perhaps based on the number of incorrect guesses, and the overall time required to solve each puzzle.  Or, even something as simple as keeping track of how many puzzles are solved correctly would give players a reason to struggle with each one.  All in all, I would recommend Doodle Hangman to anyone who likes word puzzle.  But, I would recommend you get it while it is on sale (currently the game is advertised as being on sale for $0.99, and is presumably going to go up to $1.99).