New on Nook (week of 12/20): Ant Raid

New games for the Nook tend to be released each Thursday, and I’ve taken a look through the new offerings.
I won’t talk too much about my new game, Amnesia Island, except to say that it is free, and is essentially a game version of some of the memory  tasks that I use in my psychology research (more about that game later!).

Looking through this week’s other Nook releases, there weren’t too many that caught my eye right away (but let me know of any I should check out).  However, Ant Raid, released by Herocraft (and developed by Prank, Ltd.) looks to be an interesting addition, and I grabbed a copy this morning.  I’m not familiar with the game, but Herocraft has many successful games on the Nook, and Ant Raid has done well on iOS (for a good review of the iOS version, check out Gamezebo).  So far as I can tell, Ant Raid has not yet been released on Google Play or the Amazon Appstore, so for the time being it looks like Barnes and Noble has the exclusive Android version of the game.

I have not played very far into Ant Raid, so I can’t comment on the quality of the game.  But, it looks like a cute and entertaining defense game, and it runs well on my Nook Color, and for only $0.99 I would certainly recommend trying it out.