EfZ on the web

As of April, it looks like Escape from Zargnon’s run on Android has mostly ended. On most app stores (Barnes and Noble, Amazon, Google Play, etc.) we’re getting a handful of downloads each week, but nothing significant.  For a simple game, we had a pretty good run (>10k installs).  And we had one more (very thorough and accurate!) review of EfZ come out in February, by Greg Barbe at the G.A.M.E.S. blog, which we greatly appreciate!  Overall, I think that EfZ has come to the end of its road on Android, and hopefully given us enough data to decide if casual gamers could be a useful target audience for our research studies.

But, before we wrap this project up, we’re hoping to get one more round of new users by releasing EfZ on the web. You can play the latest version here on our website.  We have also put up the game up on:

We’ll be looking to add more, but the main concern is finding sites that allow the use of the Unity Web Player (rather than converting the Unity game into a Flash game: currently the Unity -> Flash conversion does not support some features that we need for EfZ).

Hopefully, we’ll get some more plays in April, and be able to make some conclusions in our research study.  Stay tuned!