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EfZ + Nook Tablet = fail

Escape from Zargnon (EfZ) is out for the Nook Color and was not submitted for the Nook Tablet.  But, on, we do see that the Tablet is listed as a device for the app, and we have heard from at least one person who bought and download EfZ to a Nook Tablet.  Unfortunately, v1.0 and v1.1 of EfZ are not compatible with the Tablet, and the game will crash (close) immediately after the Unity splash screen.

But, the good news is that we have fixed the problem, and once v1.2 is accepted and published, you will be able to run the game on the Tablet.

Escape from Zargnon on the Nook Color

Our new game, Escape from Zargnon, was released for the Nook Color last night.  We are very excited to have the game officially released!  But, this version (v1.0) has several bugs that did not turn up until the first version was accepted by BN.  We have a new version (v1.1) that has been submitted and accepted by BN, but it likely won’t be published until next week (likely by Friday, December 9th).  Once we see that the new version is live, we’ll put up a post.  And, if you do find a bug in v1.0, go ahead and let us know!