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EfZ is on the Android Market

Escape from Zargnon went live on the Android Market tonight:

And, we’ve included a free (ad-supported) version that we are calling Chapter One:

Chapter One includes the first level (the first five stages) and banner ads.  More details will follow, but check them out if you have a chance!

Fingers are crossed…

Fingers are crossed that version 1.2.0 for #EscapeFromZargnon goes live today! @NOOKDeveloper #nookcolor

[Update]  We heard back from the Nook developer team, and it sounds like the update will go live next Tuesday (12/20).  So, Tablet owners will have to wait until next week, and we’re sorry for the delay!  In the meantime, Nook Color owners, have you escaped yet?

[Update – 12/21] It looks like the new version is going live (we were able to update our version on a Nook Color).  But, the app is not listed for the Nook Tablet online.  We’re looking into the issue, to make sure that the EfZ update will roll out to the Tablet as well.

EfZ v1.2 – almost… there…

We were hoping to have version 1.2 submitted today (so that we can get support for the Nook Tablet as soon as possible).  We think this version is almost ready, but we want to do a few more tests, to make sure that by fixing one set of problems, we have not created some new bugs!

Stay tuned: we expect version 1.2 will be ready soon.

[Edit] Well, we made our Friday deadline (just barely!).  After extensive testing, version 1.2 was submitted to B&N at about 11:20PM local time (Eastern in the US).   We did find several additional problems, so we were happy to put in the time.  Now, we’ll keep our fingers crossed that the update passes review.  Stay tuned….

[Update] We’re still waiting for version 1.2.0 to come out on  It was accepted on Tuesday, and is waiting for publication.  A bunch of new apps came out this morning, so hopefully the good folks at will throw in our update as well!

EfZ update is out for Nook Color

Version 1.1 of Escape from Zargnon just went live last night on Barnes & Noble.  This update fixes a number of problems with the original version (such as saving your game progress to our servers).  The main improvement in 1.1 is that on levels which have many enemies, you should not see the game slowing down (as much) as in our original release.   We are working now on version 1.2, which will add support for the Nook Tablet.

NOOK App : Escape from Zargnon