Welcome to behaviorgames.com

Here at behaviorgames.com, we create video games to study how people learn new behaviors.  Since 2006, behaviorgames has hosted video games created by Neil Schmitzer-Torbert, of Wabash College.  Most of our games are designed to study basic types of learning, and we are currently working to develop games that combine fun with research.  Our first mobile game, Escape from Zargnon, was released on Android and the Web in 2011.

In 2013, we are preparing to release a new game, Taxi Dash, on Android, iOS and the web.  Taxi Dash is a casual game where players learn their way around virtual cities, delivering their passengers while avoiding traffic and dangerous obstacles.  The game is intended to study how people learn their way around new environments.

Below is a trailer from our recent game, Colonize, which was released in late 2012.